Web Gallery Plans

Plan Type




We host images,
charge credit card
and fulfill the orders.

You will receive checks

We host images and charge credit card.

You fulfill the orders.

We host images.

You handle credit card, charging and fulfillment.

Customer Support

Phone and email Support

Phone and email Support

Phone and email Support

Image Quota



Depends on plan

Free Backup and storage

Integrated Turn Key



Sell online any product

Only your branding (including on URL's)


Account Management

View Orders Online by Gallery

Online Order Tracking


Sales Tax Setting & Reports


Automatic Order Notification

Create client discounts & coupons

Online Billing History

Visitor Lists by Gallery

Wholesale Product Pricing

Customize Galleries & Features
(per gallery or set your default)

Customize your own Product & Print Pricing

Direct integration into your studio website


Web Galleries - Features

Online Shopping Cart

Album creation workflow integrated into gallery

Online Album/Photo Book Share as part of galley

Video's on galleries

Accurate Shipping Calculator


Customize Gallery Expiration Dates

Digital Download Fulfillment

Favorite Folder - for Easy Communication

Integrated With Creation Software


Web Galleries - Security

Right Click Protected Images

Watermark Image Feature

Force Login

Password Protected Galleries

Hidden Galleries

Restrict Login by user Email address

 Web Galleries - Sell Product

Prints (luster and metallic) in dozen of sizes

Enlargements (up to 30x40)

Enlargements mounted

Print packages

Digital files - in different resolutions

Canvas on Masonite

Canvas on stretched bar

Canvas - gallery wrap

Dry Mount - gator board/double board

Any other product you fulfill
(like parent album, photo books, etc.)

Parent album - created by gallery visitors

Customer Support:
we offer to all customers phone or email customer support from our offices in California, 1.866.344.4522

Image Quota:
the total number of images you can upload to your galleries.

Free Backup:
when signing to a Turnkey account and using the "Integrated Turnkey service", the images will be automatically stored by us on the Amazon cloud for a full year at no charge. Available to you anytime from any ware, after a year a charge of $0.49 per month per gallery will apply.

Integrated Turn Key:
a fully automated turnkey fulfillment service, you upload all high-resolution images to us and we take it from there, handling all order fulfillments, including digital downloads, we will also store the images in the cloud for backup. You will be able to manage your backup and access your images from your DigiLabsPRO administration pages. The images will be stored on the Amazon cloud for a full year at no charge. After a year a charge of $0.49 per month per gallery will apply.

Only your branding:
For all plans, DigiLabs brand doesn’t appear neither in URL, nor on site, or web gallery.

Sales Tax Setting & Reports:
set sales tax per the relevant states, view all sales tax charged on web galleries assisting you with sales tax reports preparation.

Album creation workflow integrated into gallery:
our galleries will save you time and hassle in creating albums and books, customers select images into a "favorite" folder and submit the folder online (all part of gallery), the images will automatically appear in your DigiLabsPRO software which includes an album and Photo Book section. Use one of our templates, or create your own, and the album/book will be ready in minutes, now within the software you can share the album/book online with customer for approval.
Online Album Share:
albums and photo books created in DigiLabsPRO software can be shared online on the galleries for proofing, ordering of just the sake of sharing.

Accurate Shipping Calculator:
orders will be charged shipping based on the actual price charged by the currier company.

Digital download Fulfillment:
you can decide to offer digital files for sale, if you have a Hosting or Charging account you will handle the fulfillment of such orders, when selecting "Integrated Turnkey service" this will be handled automatically by us.

Favorite Folder:
you or your customers can create a "favorite folder" on the galleries; add images to that folder and then the system will send the information about the "favorites" back to use, a simple way to get image selection for albums, pre-paid packages, etc.

Integrated With Creation Software:
our web galleries are integrated with our creation software, your customers can send "favorite" images (via "Favorite Folder") straight to the software ready for the creation of a Proof book or an album, saving you lots of time and hassle.

Parent album:
created by visitors on the gallery (coming in 2014) - enable other parties like parents to create their own version and cost effective parent album directly from the gallery.